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Your Step-By-Step Project Planning Guide

Planning your project should be just as enjoyable as relaxing in the finished product. We’ve outlined four easy-to-follow steps to make certain your planning process is simple, smooth, and full of satisfaction.

1. Choose A Contractor

Start by seeking recommendations from trusted friends, family, and neighbors. Spend some time online to get a feel for the contractors’ individual styles and depth of experience.

Experience goes a long way, but it shouldn’t be the only factor or even the most significant you consider while making your decision. Here are three more important elements to strongly consider when searching for the right contractor:

  • Are they fully licensed and insured?
  • Does their style match your preference?
  • Does their timeline work for you?

Ultimately, meet with several contractors so you can get a good feel for how they approach design and installation. Don’t be afraid to broach the topic of cost – more on this below. But remember that the most inexpensive choice isn’t necessarily the best choice

2. Determine Your Budget

Settling on your budget relatively early in the process is important and helps avoid difficulties later on. Your selected contractor can help you find a balance between value and impact, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Installation costs can represent up to 80% of your total project expense. The remaining 20% will be the cost of hardscape products. Selecting the highest quality products your budget allows can help you avoid premature repair or replacement costs resulting from inferior products.

If you need a starting point, the Pre-Planned Patio Guide provides a ballpark for you to get the conversation going with your contractor. Pricing varies by region.

Contact your local dealer to discuss your project and to obtain a quote.

3. Identify Added Value

Adding a new hardscape environment can also generate opportunities to address other challenges or add value beyond the project itself.

Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

Enjoy a refined, beautiful addition to your home and bask in the rave reviews from your guests. A well-designed hardscape addition can also up your home's resale value by 8-10%, which can translate to a return on investment of as much as 80%.

Hide Unsightly Objects

Adding seat walls to your hardscape project helps delineate the space and add welcomed coziness. But these half walls can also be used to obscure air conditioners or other utilities while still ensuring access for maintenance activities.

Make Uneven Ground Usable Space

Unlevel ground can limit the area available to you for use. A Rosetta Hardscapes by Truemont Materials retaining wall can help generate flat, usable surfaces. Maximize your space to create more area for plantings, entertainment, or recreation.

Create Privacy Without Fencing

Utilizing a combination of hardscapes and softscapes (trees, shrubs, and plants) can help you carve out your own exclusive retreat without erecting fencing or formal barriers. Mixing and matching hardscapes and plantings can also reduce noise.

4. Prioritize and Plan

Identify your top priorities to make certain they’re included initially, but give thought to what future phases could offer.

Planning for additional features and uses can help you maximize savings and choose products built for long-term use. For example:

  • If an outdoor kitchen is part of your plan, consider running utilities now to avoid more costly work down the road.

  • Creating a walkway to your front door that will eventually connect to your driveway may prompt you to choose a paver rated for vehicular traffic.

This is a great conversation to have with your contractor so they can help you identify the best ways to stage for future additions.

5. Your Space. Your Style.

A timeless space with classic patterns and subtle tones? A rustic arrangement featuring live textures and a dark palette? A contemporary patio with sharp lines and deep contrast? Rosetta Hardscapes by Truemont Materials offers curated design styles to help you achieve the look and feel you want.

Timeless: Pair Kodah with Dimensional Steps for a beautiful and functional complement. Products shown: Kodah, Dimensional Steps

Timeless: The perfect balance of elegant and easy-going. Products shown: Kodah Fire Pit

Rustic: A natural, welcoming space you’ll want to melt into. Products shown: Grand Flagstone

Contemporary: Clean, sharp lines add a sophisticated look. Products shown: Linear Flagstone

Timeless: Make this stunning pattern the focal point of your backyard. Products shown: Dimensional Flagstone, Dimensional Coping

Contemporary: Warm woodgrain can serve as an accent piece or a centerpiece. Products shown: Heartwood

Timeless: Pair Kodah with Dimensional Steps for a beautiful and functional complement. Products shown: Kodah, Dimensional Steps

Timeless: The perfect balance of elegant and easy-going. Products shown: Kodah Fire Pit

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