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Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the solutions you need with Redi-Rock, Rosetta Hardscapes, and Pole Base precast products. Whether you're looking for a retaining wall, a patio, or a site lighting foundation, we're available to answer all your questions.

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Precast Products to Solve Your Problems

Truemont Materials makes premium hardscapes, retaining walls, and site lighting foundations you can trust for a lifetime. Made of wetcast concrete to look great for the long haul and engineered for ease of installation and efficiency, Redi-Rock, Rosetta Hardscapes, and Pole Base will streamline your workflow and leave you wondering why you didn't make the switch earlier.


Redi-Rock precast modular block retaining walls have been solving earth retention problems since 2000 when they hit the market. The extensive suite of products has grown since then, and so too have the technical resources to support your work, making sure the job is designed and installed right from the start.

Rosetta Hardscapes

When looking for a sweet spot between natural stone and drab, drycast concrete products, Rosetta Hardscapes array of products fills the gap. The premium wall, slab, and paver products carry the natural texture of stone while maintaining the ease and efficiency of manufactured products.

Pole Base

Designed to every projects' exact specifications, Pole Base precast foundations eliminate the guesswork in the field and ensure the bases meet the demands of the job. Don't settle for settling for something that might work, instead configure conduit, bolt placements, and junction boxes to meet your needs.

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