Florida and South Georgia’s More Efficient, Better Looking, and Longer Lasting Alternative to Segmental Retaining Walls.

You’ll utilize Novum Wall’s simplicity, versatility, and great looks to reinforce resiliency and prevent erosion, create terracing, and manage steep slopes.

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What You Can Do with Novum Wall

Truemont Materials brings you Novum Wall by Redi-Rock, the adaptable and resilient precast modular block (PMB) retaining wall solution tailor-made for the land and water control challenges of Florida and South Georgia.

Maximize Space. Prevent Erosion.

Getting the most from property and guarding against erosion in our region is important. Novum Wall offers the versatility to shore up space for a vital development or safeguard the banks of an inland waterway against land loss.

Amazingly Adaptable.

Ideal for gravity walls up to 6 ft (1.8 m) tall, Novum Wall features global retaining wall leader Redi-Rock’s proprietary knob and groove technology. You’ll leverage the stability and setback capabilities of its big sibling but in a smaller package perfect for tighter installations and challenging job sites.

Get In. Get Done. Get Gone.

The beefy yet easy-to-handle dimensions and weight of Novum Wall make installation simpler so your smaller crew will use compact equipment like skid-steers and mini-excavators to complete high-quality projects faster. Expect your Novum Wall to hold up the earth, not your job’s completion.

Put Novum Wall’s Resiliency and Versatility to Work for You

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The Numbers Behind Novum

  • Dimensions: 46 1/8 in x 20 in (plus face texture) x 9 in (1172 mm x 508 mm [plus face texture] x 229 mm)
  • Area: 2.88 sq ft (0.27 sq m)
  • Weight: ±575 lbs (±261 kg)
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Add Wow to Your Wall with Deep Textures and Custom Colors

With Novum Wall, you’ll add more than just functionality to your development or property. Novum Wall delivers performance AND polish. Select from richly detailed textures that look carved from the quarry and pair well with their Redi-Rock relatives. Need to match your site’s surrounding landscape or existing walls or buildings? Customize the color of your wall with post-installation concrete staining.


Alpine replicates the look of an Old-World stacked stone wall, giving your project a classic, hand-laid appearance.


Inspired by Redi-Rock’s popular Kingstone texture, Summit offers a larger-scale face that provides a rugged, weathered look.

Who Puts Novum Wall to Work for Them?

Not only is Novum Wall a great fit for a variety of projects, but it’s also a solution many growth-minded construction professionals are adding to their service offerings.

Landscape Contractors

Landscape contractors use Novum Wall because they can install beautiful walls more efficiently with smaller crews and more affordable equipment.

Earthwork Contractors

Earthwork contractors install Novum Wall because they can leverage the efficiency of their crews and equipment already on the project site.

Large Block Installers

Large block installers see Novum Wall as a low-barrier opportunity to broaden their product portfolio while complementing existing wall products and services.

Make Novum Wall a Part of your Next Project

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