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Engineers and wall designers have been trusting Redi-Rock retaining walls to solve critical earth retention problems since 2000. In Florida and South Georgia, Redi-Rock by Truemont Materials can help you create solutions you can trust to maximize usable space, prevent erosion, hold up roads and bridges, and much more. With local production and an experienced team - we’re eager to partner with you on your upcoming retaining wall challenges.

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Retaining Wall Solutions for Multiple FL and GA Industries


Water is ever-present in FL and GA construction, and Redi-Rock walls are engineered to weather record-setting storms. These walls install quickly in minimal space to:

  • protect shorelines
  • fortify channels and riverways
  • create retention ponds
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As Florida continues to grow, developers need retaining walls to maximize usable land - especially for infrastructure like retention and detention basins. Redi-Rock walls are an ideal solution for leveling lots, creating space for parking, and mitigating stormwater challenges.

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For Florida rail projects, space is typically limited, live loads are a major consideration, and corrosion-free reinforcement systems without special connections are often necessary. Designers turn to Redi-Rock for rail projects because it's engineered to deliver in the most challenging transportation conditions.

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We Deliver Redi-Rock Retaining Walls in Florida and South Georgia

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Truemont delivers Redi-Rock in the Big Bend and Central Florida regions - including Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Coast, Pensacola and beyond – as well as South Georgia. Redi-Rock can be shipped relatively long distances – so contact us for project feasibility!

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Mix & Match Wall Types for Optimized Solutions

Redi-Rock can rise to the challenge of most any project. With multiple wall types that can be combined to optimize your wall solution, Redi-Rock gives engineers and contractors the versatility they need to provide first-in-class solutions for critical projects. Redi-Rock is crafted at Truemont Materials in a controlled environment using architectural grade precast concrete. Multiple texture and color options are possible; contact us for details!


  • Build walls over 20 feet tall
  • Reduce excavation and use a smaller footprint without geogrid
  • Install quickly with a machine and small crew


  • Build walls over 50 feet tall
  • Eliminate geogrid connection failures
  • Support heavy live loads


  • Integrate parapets with other walls seamlessly
  • Build stand-alone structures
  • Create great looking results with texture on multiple sides


  • Blend gravity and reinforced sections
  • Combine precast modular blocks with cast-in-place
  • Maintain seamless appearance


  • Aesthetic finishing touch for wall projects
  • Can be used for signage, fencing or lighting


  • Natural stone texture
  • Versatile block can be used as a cap or step
  • Consistent rise for pedestrian ease
  • Build straight or curved staircases

Design & Install Your Retaining Wall Right


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Redi-Rock offers robust engineering resources to help you optimize your wall designs. Access industry-leading engineering resources here:

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Installing Redi-Rock is a simple process that relies on a small crew and heavy machinery - rather than back breaking manual labor. Helpful resources include:

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Redi-Rock Is On The FDOT APL

Redi-Rock retaining walls are on the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Approved Products List (APL). With the proven ability to manufacture and deliver high-quality, trusted retaining walls for DOT and municipal projects, Redi-Rock is an ideal choice for critical wall projects.

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