Concrete Water Retaining Walls in Florida and South Georgia

Conquer your most challenging water-related projects with a resilient precast concrete wall solution proven to perform in dynamic water conditions. Redi-Rock water retaining walls are engineered to reinforce canals, line retention and detention ponds, and protect neighborhoods from flooding even in record-setting storms. How can Truemont help with your next water management project?

Protect Your Property With a Redi-Rock Water Retaining Wall

Redi-Rock Ledgestone retaining wall in seawall application for residential home in marine/salt-water environment.

Interlocking Strength

Ranging from 1,400 lbs to 4,840 lbs, Redi-Rock blocks are engineered to withstand the most challenging water applications. The deep and rugged stone texture of these interlocking blocks also disrupts wave action and slows down channel flow, adding additional protection to your property.

Redi-Rock retaining wall installation with contractors setting blocks.

Efficient Installation

Massive Redi-Rock blocks are machine set and require minimal manpower, speeding up the installation process compared to small block walls or natural stone. A simple installation sequence and easy-to-use installation resources make installing a Redi-Rock water management wall incredibly efficient!

Redi-Rock retaining wall with curves for golf course pond.

Impressive Durability

Manufactured from 4,000 PSI structural-grade concrete, Redi-Rock blocks perform well in submerged fresh and saltwater conditions. With no metal fasteners or pins to corrode over time, gravity and reinforced walls excel in water applications.

Water Application Guide

Explore successful Redi-Rock water management projects and the technical resources that made them possible.

Download this free guide featuring case studies, wall cross sections, and additional resources to build confidence in your next water retaining wall design.

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Redi-Rock Blocks for Water Retaining Walls

With solid and hollow-core blocks ranging in weight from 1160-4,840 lbs and width from 28-96 inches, Redi-Rock can help optimize designs and speed up installation of water-related retaining wall projects.


How much do water retaining walls cost in Florida and South Georgia?

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