Concrete Water Retaining Walls in Florida and South Georgia

Conquer your water management challenges with resilient precast concrete wall solutions proven to perform in the most dynamic marine conditions. We’re ready to help with your next water management project.

Solutions for a Variety of Marine Scenarios

Reinforce canals, line detention basins, and protect shorelines and infrastructure with Truemont Materials’ precast concrete water retaining wall solutions.

Canals, Lakes, and Inland Waterways

Redi-Rock and Coast Armor are plenty solid so you can be confident your wall will withstand the most challenging conditions generated by rivers, channels, lakes, and intercoastal waterways. Both solutions feature deeply textured, natural-looking faces that disrupt wave action and slow water flow, adding further protection to your property.

Detention Basins

Machine set and requiring minimal manpower to install, Redi-Rock blocks install quickly compared to the tedious assembly of small block or natural stone walls. Don’t let the necessary integration of a detention basin hold up an important development project.

Ocean Shorelines

Coast Armor pile-and-panel sea walls are crafted to spec with architectural-grade concrete, so you’ll get the specific size and strength your shoreline needs to guard against erosion or infrastructure damage. With smart features like integrated high-pressure water jets and speared bottoms, you’ll be surprised that such an effective resilient water barrier can be so simple to install.

Keep Water Where You Want It with Redi-Rock and Coast Armor

Redi-Rock Water Retaining Walls

From detention basins to flood walls to channels, Redi-Rock water management solutions stand fast and their deeply textured faces deliver both performance and great looks for your marine application.

Coast Armor Sea Walls

With 6000 psi compressive strength concrete and non-corrosive reinforced polymer bars, Coast Armor sea walls are engineered to beat back destructive water action, including hurricane-generated surges.

How much do water retaining walls cost in Florida and South Georgia?

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