Interlocking Concrete Shoreline Protection Systems in Florida and South Georgia

Coast Armor by Truemont Materials is a precast concrete interlocking pile-and-panel solution that fortifies shoreline properties against land loss caused by water action, including hurricane-generated storm surges.

Installing Coast Armor

Waterfront installations can be complicated. Coast Armor is designed specially to keep installation simple and straightforward.

Safeguard Your Shoreline with Coast Armor

Hurricanes and severe storm events can cause massive damage to coastal systems and adjacent infrastructure. In fact, the amount of erosion a shoreline suffers during the hours of a storm’s passage can exceed land loss experienced over the course of years.

Simply Stronger

The components are crafted of architectural-grade wetcast concrete, producing 6000 psi compressive strength, the same strength required to withstand the pounding absorbed by even the busiest freeways. Panels are fitted with internal non-corrosive, high-modulus steel glass fiber reinforced polymer bars making them ideal for saltwater applications.

Straightforward Installation

Coast Armor is engineered for simple, efficient installation. Integrated high-pressure water jets blast away sand and sediment as the component is driven into the soil. Four-way speared bottoms penetrate through the densest soil conditions, including coquina. Dovetail joints serve as guides to lock in the panels between the piles.

Made-to-Order Versatility

Coast Armor can be produced in varying heights and driven into the soil as deep as 24 ft or more, offering custom wall heights. Utilize 90-degree corner piles to provide a tidy, finished look at the termination of the wall. T-corner piles allow for wall extensions or preserve the possibility of future tie-ins with adjacent properties.

Safeguard Your Shoreline

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Coast Armor Technical Details

Coast Armor Technical Details offer an in-depth look at the engineering behind the system, including cutaway views of the piles and panels, and a completed wall section.

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